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You can become a Driving Instructor if .....

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 Become A Driving Instructor In Manchester
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Do you have what it takes to become a driving instructor for  Adams Drivier Trainer?

Do you have the passion, the patience and would thrive on teaching people how to drive?

If the answer is yes and you would love to become a member of our team then  Adams Drivier Trainer can help.

 Adams Drivier Trainer is steadily growing into a well established driving  school in and around the South Manchester and Old Trafford area. We are looking to  recruit fully qualified driving instructors only.

If you are a  qualified driving instructor that perhaps worked for yourself in the  past but is now looking for the opportunity to work for a successful  driving school then we would love nothing more than to get you on board  with us. Our driving school offers lessons to our new customers all  around Old Trafford and Manchester so this is ideal if you live in one of  these areas. We can offer you local work so you will spend more time  teaching people how to drive.

If you have just passed all your  courses and you are now a qualified driving instructor that lives in  Old Trafford area then please choose  Adams Drivier Trainer to give you the experience needed to become a more confident and  professional driving instructor. Of course, you must realise that there  is a lot more to this job though than just teaching somehow to drive.  You will need to be patient, sensitive and must be able to remain calm  at all times. You must be able to handle situations that may occur,  quickly and without any hesitation. All our instructors have these great  qualities and you could to.

You can become a Driving Instructor if...
You have held a full driving licence for 3 and a half years
You have no more than 6 points on your driving licence
You can read a number plate, with glasses or contacts from 90 feet away
You are happy to have a CRB check
You are 21 years or over

Once  you have trained to become a driving instructor, you will be able to  pass on your knowledge and your experience to your future pupils. You  will be giving them the opportunity to go where ever they want once they  pass their test. You will be qualified to give extra lessons to people  that can already drive but need to gain more confidence. It can be  highly rewarding, not to mention the sense of achievement you will feel  when your pupils pass their test.

Once you are qualified then we  would love you to come and work with us and make  Adams Drivier Trainer  even more successful. We can offer you part time and full time work with  no fixed contracts. So if you are interested in joining our wonderful  team of instructors then please contact me for more information today.

The benefits of  Adams Drivier Trainer includes,

We offer both part time and full time franchises
Exclusive postcode territories
Adams Drivier Trainer roof top sign
Appointment cards and business cards
2 weeks franchise holiday per year
No fixed contracts involved
No hidden costs or pupil fees

For more Information please call Adam 07968498999


ADI Test Part 1

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   There are 4 sections on the first part of the theory test. Each  section has 25 questions so 100 questions in all. You will be able to  choose between 4 possible answers for each of the questions.  The test  will consist of hazard perception and multiple-choice questions and will  take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. These will be based on:  

  • All road procedure
  • Car control, pedestrians, signals and traffic signs and mechanical knowledge
  • The driving test, law and disabilities
  • Instructional techniques and publications

You will then have to complete the second part of the test. This will  be the Hazard Perception. You will have to show that you can identify  what the hazards are that may arise when you are driving around. There will be 14 video clips that will be played to you on a  computer. They will all last for 1 minute. These will show a variety of  driving hazards, the kind of things that can happen every day on the  road. If you see a hazard on the test then you can click on the mouse to  indicate that you have seen it. The quicker you do this, the higher  your score will be. In 1 of the clips, you will see2 developing hazards. In the other 13, you will see 1 developing hazard.

 What is a developing hazard?  

This is when something happens and you have to change your direction  or the speed you are driving at while you are driving on the roads. If you want to pass this test then you will have to score at least 57 out of 75. For each hazard you will get 5 points. 

What you will need 

You will need to bring your driving licence with you on the day of  your training test.  If by any chance you still have a paper licence  then you must bring your passport too. If you bring any other type of  photo idea then this will not be accepted. The test will be cancelled  and you will have to pay for another test at a later date. It is a good  idea to look presentable and that your car does too. Adams Driver Trainer will do everything we can to see that you pass  these tests. We will give you the recommended material as well as over  the phone, email support and help from your personal trainer that has  been assigned to you. They will be up to date with all the latest  information you need for these exams supplying you with the necessary  videos on hazard awareness, CD’s and helpful books. You will have  one-to-one tuition with your instructor as well as any mock tests that  you need.   

ADI Test Part 2

Driving  Instructors Manchester

   Part 2: Driving Ability 

On the day of the test you will have an eyesight test, you will be  asked questions about safety and you will have to show your driving  techniques. This will last for about an hour. 

The eyesight test:

 You will need to be able to read a number plate, with contact lenses or glasses. The distance will be: New number plates – 26.5 meters Old number plates – 27.5 meters You can attempt to pass the part 2 driving ability test up to 3  times. If you fail all 3 times then you cannot take this test again  until your theory test expires, this will be 2 years from the date you  passed. It is only then that you can start the whole process again if  you would still like to become a driving instructor. If you fail the  eyesight test, the exam will not continue and this will be counted into  the 3 attempts. 

Safety questions: 

On the test, there will be 5 safety questions. 3 of the questions  will be where you have to show them what you would do when you do a  safety check on the vehicle and the 2 other questions would be you  explaining how you would do these checks. So, you will be asked how you would carry out a check on both the  safety and the condition of 3 components of the car you are driving. You will then have to carry out a proper check on 2 more components from the list below:  

  • Steering
  • Direction indicators
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Reflectors
  • Audible warning device
  • Lights
  • The liquids used in the steering system, breaking system and the engine
  • The liquids that are used as a coolant, cleaner or a lubricant

Driving Techniques 

After you have completed the safety questions you will then have to demonstrate:  

  • How well you can handle the controls
  • The correct procedures for driving
  • That you are aware of the actions taken by other drivers
  • You must be able to judge distance, speed and timing
  • You must consider the safety of other road users
  • You must drive in an environmentally friendly manner

You will drive on roads that will be busy and used by heavy vehicles.  There will be many different scenarios that you will encounter so you  must show that you are confident and understand exactly what is  happening around you. You must take control of situations and show you  have the ability to drive accordingly using the right driving  techniques. You will be asked to carry out different manoeuvres which will  include the 3 reversing manoeuvres that you learnt on your driving test. The car in which you use for the test must be provided by yourself.  It will need to be in a good condition and it will need to be:  

  • Taxed and insured
  • A hatchback or salon car
  • All the seat belts must be in good working order
  • It will need to be a manual car
  • Right hand drive
  • The seat must be positioned correctly and must have a head restraint
  • It cannot have any L plates on the vehicle
  • It will need to have an adjustable rear view mirror for the examiner to use

Adams Driver Trainer will only be too happy to supply you with a  dual controlled car while you are having your driving instructor  training and then for your ADI test.   .

ADI Test Part 3

Driving Lessons Manchester

   The final part of this test is to see how well you can instruct  pupils. If you have passed part 1 & 2 of these tests, you will still  need to pass part 3 to get your qualification to be an ADI. The test  will be an hour long. The examiner will pretend to be 2 different pupils  and will assess to see if you understand – Instructional techniques,  instructor characteristics and core competencies. In the first half, the instructor will play the role of a pupil who  is ready to take their test and in the second half they will play the  part of a pupil that hasn’t had many driving lessons. You will do an  exercise for each of the roles the examiner is playing. Each exercise  will last 30 minutes. The instructor will pick an exercise from one of  these listed here:  

  • Entering your car safely and to explain the controls
  • Move off and then be able to stop normally
  • Finding an opening and then to reverse into this
  • Do a 3 point turn so you are facing the opposite way
  • Park as close to the curb while reversing
  • instructions to do an emergency stop
  • When do you use the mirrors
  • Turner a corner once you have approached it
  • Road positioning
  • Judging the speed
  • Dealing with crossroads and T-junctions
  • What to do at pedestrian crossings
  • When to signal
  • Overtaking vehicles

Here are some of the things you can do that will help you:  

  1. It is a good idea to ask the pupil (examiner) some questions to see how much they know about driving.
  2. You can use subject heading and have a quick look at your notes.
  3. You can use training aids and any lesson plans you may have.

This exam is not going to be easy. The instructor will ask you  questions that may catch you out. If you think you are correct about an  answer then stick to it, they will want to know that you are sure about  what you say even if they try to convince you otherwise. Again on this test you must bring your driving licence and have a reliable car.   

For more information please call Adam on 07968498999