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Crash Courses

Book Crash Course Online!

Why choose a Driving Crash Course?

A  Driving crash Course can be the solution to getting through your driving test quickly, and avoiding some of the difficulties that hourly driving lessons can have. Driving crash Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. Take a week off work, do an Driving crash Course, and take your Driving Test.

  • Crash Course 1

  • £1040/ 40 hours
    • For pupils with no experience at all.

  • Crash Course 2

  • £780/ 30 hours
    • For pupils who can already move off/stop and turn corners unaided.

  • Crash Course 3

  • £520/ 20 hours
    • For those who have driven on main roads before but aren’t test ready.

  • Crash Course 4

  • £260/ 10 hours
    • For those with lots of experience aiming for a test soon.

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