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    Why choose a Driving Crash Course?

    A  Driving crash Course can be the solution to getting through your driving test quickly, and avoiding some of the difficulties that hourly driving lessons can have. Driving crash Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. Take a week off work, do an Driving crash Course, and take your Driving Test.

    Learners who are in bit of a hurry to start driving learning lesson to pass test as early as possible  and get their car driving licence, Adams driver trainer provide option of  crash driving course.


    Adams driver trainer has designed crash driving courses for the learner drivers who want to pass their driving test in a short space of time. Those who have never driven before can be up to test level within a matter of four weeks. Crash driving course can be great when starting your lessons from scratch or just wanting to brush up on your skills before sitting your test.


    The length of your crash driving course depends on your previous driving experience and the speed in which you learn. If you’ve never driven a car before you will need much more crash course training than someone who has driven before, in this instance we may recommend the longest course possible. If you’ve driven before and need a refresher before taking your driving test you may only need a week long course. Both of these periods are far less than the time it would take to pass your test with weekly driving lessons. Those who have driven before, or need to retake their driving test, can be test ready in as little as one week. During a crash driving course you could be driving for several hours a day.


    The entire voyage of grabbing that driving licence gets a bit long and hectic for various people. Beginning with the typical learning stage to the final test of portraying your skills, getting a driving licence is nothing less than a nightmare. However, the hustle and bustle of today’s world give no time for this long hectic process, so what to do? That is where crash course learning helps you.


    Adams driver trainer  Assisting you to switch months of driving test into days with the help of crash driving courses, Adams driver trainer facilitate you in learning the driving skills and even scouring the existing driving skill, Now you can drive on the road in weeks.


    Adams driver trainer  provide crash driving courses, which are a good option if you have high levels of concentration and suspect you’ll find it relatively easy to learn to drive. However, we strongly recommend that you take an assessment of your time and routine to make sure a crash driving course is the best choice for you.

    • Crash Course 1

    • £1040/ 40 hours
      • For pupils with no experience at all.

    • Crash Course 2

    • £780/ 30 hours
      • For pupils who can already move off/stop and turn corners unaided.

    • Crash Course 3

    • £520/ 20 hours
      • For those who have driven on main roads before but aren’t test ready.

    • Crash Course 4

    • £260/ 10 hours
      • For those with lots of experience aiming for a test soon.

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