ADI Standards Check Test

    Having more than 20 years’ experience in ADI training our team has seen various changes in instructor coaching the industry. One of the most significant aspects of qualifying as an ADI is to maintain your qualifications at the highest standard which is tested during an ADI standard check. 


    During your standards check, your examiner will be looking for evidence that you meet the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training which details what you must be able to do and what you must know and understand to provide training to drivers and riders. 


    During each standard check your core competencies will be examined in 3 categories – lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning skills. 


    Analysis shows that instructors mostly fail their standards check test due to lack of lesson plan adaptation to meet pupil’s needs and their learning style, lack of problem and potentially safety-critical incident analysis and lack of appropriate and timely feedback during the session. 


    We can help you to prepare for your standards check test by conducting a screening session(s) with you and give feedback on areas for development to achieve a positive outcome during your session with a driving examiner. 


    We offer an extremely high quality of training meaning you will get the maximum benefit from every session so will achieve, or exceed test standard sooner saving you both time AND money.


    The Standard Check

    • Do you have a standards check coming up?
    • Do you suffer from test nerves?
    • Do you want to improve your current grade?
    • Have you recently failed your test?
    • Do you feel isolated and let down?


    Book a 2 hour in-car coaching session with Adam

    • In just 2 hours you’ll understand the differences between the old style check test and the ADI standards check.
    • You’ll have a good grasp of the new marking sheet
    • Know why and where such a high percentage of ADI’s are failing the test
    • You will be clear on what to change and how to practice with your pupils leading up to your Standards Check
    There’s really no substitute for practical in-car coaching sessions to show you the differences between the old style check test and what is expected now. These are practical skills and they are best developed in a vehicle through simulation and demonstration with minimum theory. What’s essential is you know what to go away and practice and how to do it – in-car. So that’s what the session will focus on! Whilst learning new driver coaching skills you will understand how the ADI Standards Check marking form and grading system work. In particular where the focus has changed and why so many ADI’s are failing
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