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  • Fully Qualified Driving Instructors with many years of Experience in Manchester
  • Train with the best to be the best – Best Rated Driving School in Manchester 2017 & 2018
  • We are reliable and honest – Over 400  5***** Star Google Reviews
  • Automatic and manual cars available
  • Male and Female Instructors in most areas
  • Door to door service around Manchester
  • Get picked up from home, college or work
  • Driving lessons at evening, weekends and bank holidays without extra charges
  • One 2 One driving lessons – helps relax our pupils without being distracted by someone behind
  • Get full 60 minutes of every hour driving  lesson – Get all your payments worth
  • Pass Plus support after you pass
  • Pay as you take lessons
  • Discount on block bookings
  • Mock test with another instructor within Adams Driver Trainer

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    Adams Driver Trainer in Manchester

    Adams driver trainer driving school is highly experienced and DVSA approved driving school.  Adams driver trainer driving school provide best quality driving lesson. Our driving instructors are highly experienced. Adams driver trainer driving school provides services for manual driving lesson as well as for automatic driving lesson. Adams driver trainer driving school designed the driving lessons in Manchester using methods that enables to empower safe driving and capable to handle any emergency situations while on road. Adams driver trainer driving school provide all the knowledge and skills which will help you to become a sensible driver. Driving lessons with Adams driving school will provide you with all the support required to achieve your driving aims. Adams driver trainer driving school have highly experienced team of trainers to provide driving lessons in Manchester.


    Driver trainers at Adams driver trainer driving school are very sociable, and they connect effectively with each driving lesson learner according to their comfort and personality.


    Adams driver trainer driving school provide different driving lessons in Manchester you can Choose one of our most suitable driving lesson to complete your driving lesson course successfully -all our driving lessons are flexible to ensure they can be fitted around your current commitments.


    Adams driver trainer driving school offer competitive prices in and around Manchester.

    Choose Adams Driver Trainer if you are looking for:

    • The best in customer service.
    • Be a highly skilled driver.
    • Excellent Pass Rates
    • Best DVSA approved manual driving lesson instructor
    • Best DVSA approved automatic driving lesson instructor
    • High quality driving lessons in Manchester
    • Enhance your driving skills
    • Driving lesson from expert driving instructors
    • Gain a rewarding career
    • A thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of driving
    • An ability to teach
    • Awareness of changes in the regulations for driving instruction

    How do I choose a good driving instructor?

    Choosing a good driving instructor involves several key considerations. Firstly, look for instructors who are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies. Check for reviews and recommendations from previous students to gauge their teaching style, patience, and effectiveness. A good instructor should be patient, supportive, and able to adapt their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles. Additionally, consider factors such as the instructor’s availability, the type of vehicle they use for instruction, and their familiarity with the local driving test routes in Manchester and requirements. It’s also beneficial to schedule an initial meeting or trial lesson to assess your compatibility with and comfort level with the instructor.

    How many driving lessons, on average, are recommended?

    On average, it’s recommended that learners complete around 45 hours of professional driving lessons, combined with 22 hours of private practice, before taking the driving test in the UK. However, this can vary depending on individual learning abilities, previous experience, and the complexity of the driving environment. The number of lessons needed may be higher or lower for different learners, but it’s important to ensure that you feel confident and fully prepared to handle various road situations before taking the test.

    Why is it best to learn with a driving school rather than with a family member?

    Learning with a driving school in Manchester rather than a family member offers several advantages. Firstly, professional driving instructors are trained to teach driving skills effectively and safely, providing structured lessons that cover all necessary aspects of driving, including theory and practical components. Driving schools also typically have access to dual-controlled vehicles, which enhance safety during the learning process. Instructors can offer unbiased feedback and constructive criticism, helping learners to identify and correct mistakes more efficiently. Moreover, learning with a driving school can help maintain positive relationships within the family, as the instructor-student dynamic differs from that of learning with a family member, reducing potential tension and conflicts.

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