How we aim to protect you from COVID-19

Covid-19 driving lessons information

Pre-Lesson checks / statement to all pupils regarding Covid – 19


As an instructor, inevitably, we work in close proximity with pupils, so I kindly ask you to please help by following these guidelines, before, during and after each lesson.


When I arrive for a lesson, if necessary, give me time to clean the car’s interior for your safety. I will text or ring to say I’m ready. At start of the lesson I will ask you to please wait outside the car so we can have a quick update before getting in.

If it is raining, I would ask you to stay inside and I will phone you to have the chat over the phone before you come out.



Please can you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with hot water and antibacterial soap just before you leave your pick up location for the start of the lesson. If you want to wear disposable gloves, that I can provide, put them on before getting in the car.

At the start of a lesson, I will ask you from outside the car how you and family members are feeling. If you have shown symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days or been in contact with anyone showing symptoms within the last 14 days, then the lesson would need to be cancelled.

Do not attend your session if you have a high fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, runny nose or congestion or if you are in isolation or have been told by track and trace to self-isolate.

I will ask you to wear a face mask or covering. Either bring your own or I carry a stock. However, care must be taken to ensure this does not affect control of the car eg misting up of glasses, if worn.

Ensure you use hand sanitiser provided, if necessary, in the car before your lesson.

Parents, guardians or friends of pupils will be unable to sit in on the lesson (ie on back seat)

After the lesson, pupils are reminded to thoroughly wash hands.

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