Practical Driving Test Pass Rates Vary Significantly Across Greater Manchester, Which Borough Stands Out?

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Practical Driving Test Pass Rates Vary Significantly Across Greater Manchester, Which Borough Stands Out?

According to DVSA statistics, learner drivers in Bolton had a considerably higher chance of passing their practical test last year compared to those in Rochdale. From April 2023 to March 2024, Bolton’s test site achieved a pass rate of 54.9%, surpassing the national average of 48.2% and greatly exceeding Rochdale’s 38.2% pass rate.

Manchester Driving Test Pass Rate

Natalie Oldham, 20, defied the odds by passing her practical driving test on her first try in Rochdale. Despite her success, she commented on the challenging driving conditions in the area.

She said:

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Jordan Hughes successfully passed his practical driving test on his first attempt in Bolton. He remarked:

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Bolton Rochdale Pass Rates

Between 2019-20 and 2020-21, the national pass rate experienced a notable surge, leaping from 45.9% to 49.8%, a significant shift attributable to the pandemic year. During this period, government restrictions led to the suspension of tests and lessons, creating a backlog and soaring demand for instructors.

Bolton emerged as a sought-after test site, but it faced challenges. From April 2022 to March 2023, it grappled with the second longest wait time for practical driving tests in England and Wales, clocking in at 23.3 weeks, as per the Driving Test Routes App. In comparison, Rochdale boasted a shorter wait time of 10.6 weeks. These figures starkly contrasted with the pre-pandemic era, where Bolton and Rochdale had wait times of 8.4 weeks and 7.9 weeks, respectively, from April 2019 to March 2020.

Additionally, DVSA data highlighted a persistent gender disparity in pass rates. In 2019/2020, the female pass rate stood at 42.6%, trailing behind the male pass rate of 49.6%. However, this gap has gradually narrowed over the years. In 2024/24, the female pass rate rose to 46.8%, inching closer to the male pass rate of 49.4%.

Male v Female Pass Rates

Azhar Butt, boasting 28 years of experience as a driving instructor and the proprietor of Learners Club Driving School situated in Didsbury, offers insights into the gender disparity in driving test pass rates.

He opines that several factors contribute to this difference. Butt elaborates:

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The DVSA had this to say:

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